Emilia M. Kubo Kirschenbaum

Product Manager | Technical Manager | Educator

About Me

I'm a graduate of Lehigh University's College of Business and Economics and General Assembly's Web Development Immersive. After a software engineering internship, I fell in love with product management for the creativity and interpersonal relationships that develop when creating new features. With development and business experience, I enjoy bridging the gaps between stakeholders.

In addition to product management, I am passionate about teaching, both technical topics and life skills, especially through experiential education formats. I am working to further explore the intersection of traditional education and technology to create more passionate life-long learners and helping every student find a subject at which they excel.

When I'm not coding, teaching or pondering new features, you can find me knitting, discovering new TV shows, or reading.


Product Management
Product Management

Feature Requirements, Wireframing, User-Centered Design, Prioritization

Web Development
Web Development

Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, Front-End Development, Heroku

Agile Development
Agile Development

Project Management, SCRUM, Product Owner

Speaker Decks

Below are the speaker decks and videos from previous conferences.

Word Camp DC 2017

Knitting Spreadsheets

Sometimes knititng feels like it's a long drawn out process. To combat this, Emilia developed some spreadsheets to help track progress on certain shawl patterns. If there's another pattern you would like her to check out for a tracking spreadsheet, feel free to reach out.

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